A few other writings that give an inkling of my thoughts….

Darlene Seto reflects on her time at Green College: My perspective about my first year and half living at Green College, UBC, a spirited interdisciplinary home for inquiring and community-minded students.

Getting to GREENR: A interdisciplinary web portal for Cengage Learning which I used to blog for, about my experiences as an environmental studies student. The title links to all the posts, though a couple that better highlight my perspective are:

Diversity and Engagement in Alternative Food Practice: Community Gardens in Vancouver, BC: My MA thesis, now publicly available through UBC repository. Learn a little about the community garden scene and how it fits into the idea of alternative food practices. 

Beyond the locavore’s dilemma, urban farming for the 21st century: A guest entry for the Enviroboys blog, responding to Ed Glaser’s 2011 critique of urban agriculture.

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