I started writing this post nearly a year ago now. I didn’t quite have it in me to finish at that time, and so here I am, a year later, finally putting this up. My dear, beautiful mama passed away a year ago today. We lived somewhere between hope and despair for weeks, shuttling between home […]

Very fortunate to be able to spend the long weekend cycling along the Sunshine Coast.

It’s been a busy few months, and I’ve sadly been neglecting this blog due to professional and personal responsibilities. I can’t come close to catching up on it all, but will aim to update in short spurts. Most recently, I did have  the fortunate opportunity of being invited by the Vancouver Food Policy Council to present […]

A reflection on the response to my last post and some thoughts on how we can approach dialogue and discussion of uncomfortable issues.

NB: I sent this short response in after being very frustrated in reading this column, by Douglas Todd in the Vancouver Sun. Given the title, I had been hoping for so much more…and so tried to illuminate a few of the issues I saw. Certainly, there is so much more to go over than what I covered as well – particularly what is at the heart of the matter in terms of Canadian identity + language, but I was tired after a long workday and had been hoping to remove myself from a computer screen for at least a few minutes that evening…

I wrote an email to a friend today, expressing some of the difficulty I’ve had in the past few months engaging with my yoga practice, figuring out what are the bits that I need, and which are the layers of exercise and flexibility over which I’ve draped on top. I am often well reminded that […]

I used to have a picture of myself doing a yoga posture on this blog. I couldn’t quite decide how I felt about it. Why? It’s not that I dislike how it looked, or how I look in it – sure, there’s still some things to improve, but there are worse things in life than […]